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Walk 2

treesIf this exercise is being done by a prayer group, perhaps half an hour could be spent on the first, outdoor part, and then a further period back indoors, when someone could read the extract from Mother Julian and the group then spend twenty or thirty minutes in silence.

Go outside, into a garden, park, street or anywhere.
Either walk around or sit down, depending on how you feel most comfortable (and perhaps depending on the weather too!).

Use your senses to experience your surroundings.

LOOK around you... take in the whole scene... and look closely at details... study for example a plant, and see how well it has been made.

LISTEN to all the sounds around you... what can you hear?
Rain?... people's voices?... wind?... birds?... traffic?... your own breathing?

TOUCH something. When did you last feel the bark of a tree, or the texture of a brick wall?
Notice the feel of the air/wind/sun/rain on your skin... and the feel of the air you breathe in... become aware of the sensations you are feeling in your body...

SMELL the air. What can you smell... damp earth... pollen... wet wood?

Be aware of God's creation all around you... and know that you are a part of it... Rest in that certainty.

Just as each tree, plant, worm is lovingly made, to fit into creation, so are you... as the tree has its purpose and its nature, so have you... each creature responds to the glory of God with its own God-given nature, using what God has created within it... respond in your own way.

A reading from Julian of Norwich

'He showed me a little thing, the size of a hazelnut, in the palm of my hand, and it was as round as a ball. I looked at it with my mind's eye and I thought, "What can this be?" And answer came, "It is all that is made." I marvelled that it could last, for I thought it might have crumbled to nothing, it was so small.

And the answer came into my mind, "It lasts and ever shall because God loves it." And all things have being through love of God.

In this little thing I saw three truths.

The first is that God made it.

The second is that God loves it.

The third is that God looks after it.

What is he indeed that is maker and lover and keeper? I cannot find words to tell.'


Perhaps an appropriate blessing to end the session might be:

God the creator
God the sustainer
God the redeemer
bless us now and always. Amen.