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Touch, scent and taste

Sense of


Walking with encounters

The wheel


Sitting at
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Prayer rises like incense





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Touch, Scent and Taste

Gather together some materials, such as:

  • Ice in a glass bowl with stainless steel tweezers.
  • Plant in a clay pot.
  • Collection of different stones in a bowl.
  • A bowl of fruit.
  • Bread board, bread and knife.

Sections A and B may be used independently or together.


Pass each of the objects around. Smell, taste, touch as appropriate. It might help to increase your sensitivity to touch if after seeing the object you then close your eyes. Say to yourself as you handle each of the items,
'The earth is the Lord's and all its fullness'
or some other affirmative passage about the created order.

Think of each item as good in itself though morally neutral. Then think of each material and how humankind can use it for a good or an evil purpose. For example, in the case of the bread, bread board and knife, think of the knife either cutting bread or doing damage to another human being; think of the West with food mountains while others starve; think of the wood used for providing shelter or as an instrument of torture, etc. Don't worry if you can't think of a good and bad use for everything.

Pray for people who suffer from abuse of what you are touching. Pray for the proper use of God's creation.


Take one of the stones out of the bowl and pass it round the group. Allow each member of the group to hold the stone for perhaps two minutes and ask all the others to pray for that person silently as he or she holds the stone. The person holding the stone may ask the group for prayer in a particular area or for a particular thing that concerns them. After two minutes the stone is passed on to the next person in the circle. The signal to pass on may be given by the use of a short prayer or Chorus said or sung communally. For example,

Jesus take me as I am,
I can come no other way.
Take me deeper into You,
Make my flesh life melt away.
Make me like a precious stone,
Crystal clear and finely honed.
Life of Jesus shining through,
Giving glory back to You.

Bless .... (name of person) we pray you Lord;
drive far from her/him all the snares of the enemy;
may your holy angels dwell with her/him and guard her/him in peace;
and may your blessing be always upon her/him;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen