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Taking Jesus With You

market stallsInvite the group to sit in a circle but with an empty chair next to each member. You could use one of the 'centering down' exercises (see Index) to start.

Then invite the group to imagine that Jesus has come into the room, to join us. 'What does He look like? Is He tall or short? How old is He? What is He wearing? Imagine the expression on His face. He comes and sits down on the empty chair next to you. He asks you how you are. What do you reply? What do you tell Him? What does He reply? When there is a lull in the conversation, He tells you that He has come especially to be with you, and that He intends to stay with you for the rest of your life, although you will not be able to see Him. 'Please talk to me whenever you like', He says, 'for even when you've left this room I will be with you.'

(You will need to pause between the sentences of this last paragraph.)

Bring the group together again and give them an opportunity to discuss the experience. Then invite them to recognise that Jesus is always with them and that they can always talk and listen to Him at any time or in any place.

Next time you meet ask the group if they've been aware of Jesus' presence with them, and how they've felt about it.