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Reconciliation and Water

fountain This is similar to the previous exercise but using water instead of fire as the symbol of washing away of sins.

Lord, send your Spirit among us to cleanse us in the waters of repentance.
May he make of us a living sacrifice so that in every place, we may praise your glory and proclaim your loving compassion. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Some form of preparation for confession is used as suggested in the previous exercise, but it is suggested that sins are not written down on paper since there is no opportunity to destroy them. The Miserere might be played (Psalm 50 (51)) or a reading such as Ezekiel 36: 21-29.

At the end of the preparation John 13: 1-15 might be read.

During the reading someone carries a bowl of water and assists all to wash their hands as a sign of washing away of sin.

An Absolution is given in an appropriate form. There are many suitable hymns and choruses that may be sung during the Liturgy, a few suggestions are given:

Guide me, O thou great redeemer (104 Celebration Hymnal)
Rock of Ages (592 Celebration Hymnal)
Come to the waters (37 Mission Praise)