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Music plays a part in most people's lives and can be listened to on various levels of our intellect and emotions. The successful BBC radio programme 'Desert Island Discs' shows how important music is to individuals. Music can also be used in our prayer life in various ways.

For some music can be used as an introduction to their prayer time and maybe to round it off. For others music is prayer. An excellent example being Taizé music with its repeated phrases.

It is good to use a variety of styles and to be prepared to use 'secular' and even popular styles as well as specifically 'religious' music.

If there are any words having them typed out is important in that it enables the group members to pray the words as they are sung.

Different types of music can be used for different topics in the prayer session, e.g. thanksgiving, penitence, petition, intercession.

It is vitally important to have good equipment for reproducing the music. It doesn't need to be expensive but it does need to be reliable!