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firework Begin the session with some relaxation or quietening down exercise.

Light a candle and if possible sit in a room dark enough for the candle to shed some light.

Look at the flame and observe the life that is in it - its movement and brightness, how the flame is never still. Allow yourself time to watch the light it sheds and to watch the darkness and the shadows. Light is itself a gift of God.

Give yourself time to get in touch with the light of Christ shining in the dark places of the world. There is no need to try to think interesting thoughts - just stay with the light.

The light shines on in the darkness and the darkness has never quenched it. (John 1.5.)

The darkness will never overcome the light. As long as the light burns it is more powerful than all the darkness in the world.

Recall that Christ promised he would dwell in us. How easily we forget this! His light is in you, not simply outside you, and that light wants to shine out through you and enlighten the world. Give some time to this, picturing the light in the heart of you and waiting to allow God to make you a light in a dark world.

Think of that light shining in front of you and within you being carried out into the dark places of the world. Think of the dark places in the world and of the people you know who are in darkness and in need of light. Pray for them.

Finally extinguish the candle but pause to recall that the light continues to burn inside you. Return to this thought whenever you can during the day.

'He who follows me,' said Jesus, 'shall have the light of life.' (John 8.12).