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The Last Twenty-Four Hours

past timesAfter a time of 'centring down' (see Contents) lead into the following. It will probably be helpful to tell people in advance the amount of time you're going to give them on each section.

Spend some time slowly going back over the events of the past twenty-four hours. Recall as much detail as you can: where you were; what you did; what you said; what was said to you; what you said; how you felt, etc. Reflect on the day as a whole and spend some time on each of the following:

  • call to mind two or three things from the day for which you would like to thank God
  • call to mind two or three things from the day which caused you concern, anxiety or worry, and offer them to God
  • call to mind two or three things from the day where you marred God's image in you
  • see if you can identify one point during the day where God touched your life: where God revealed Himself/Herself to you; where God spoke to you

At the end allow people an opportunity to share their experience. You could use the material that people have discovered, to construct a simple written prayer, or used as a resource for a time of shared informal prayer (silent or ‘spoken out’).