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waterscapeBegin by becoming relaxed, letting go of all tension in the body, beginning with the toes and working up through the body to the face. Most tension is felt in the shoulders, so pay special attention to this area. The spine should stretch gently up, not ramrod straight, but alert. Relax the area round the mouth and the frown line between the eyes. On the outward breath, let go of any remaining tension, and on the inward breath, ask the Holy Spirit to renew you.

In imagination, return to your front door, and review the events of the day. Thank God for all the good things that have come your way today. Forgive anyone who has injured or hurt you. Hand over to God any anxieties or problems you are carrying. Ask forgiveness where necessary, and thank God for His love.

Still in imagination, go to a peaceful place in the country, perhaps somewhere you know. Feel the warmth of the sun on you, see the green of the grass and trees, the blue of the sky. Find a place by the side of a river or lake and sit down on the grass, or a nearby tree-stump. Let the peace of the place enfold you, and know that God's love is surrounding and filling you. Listen to His word to you: 'Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength.'

After a few minutes return to the room, and become aware of the people here with you.