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Vision of a Healed World

performer This exercise may be used as an introductory exercise to learn about each other. It may also be used with an ongoing group to pray for the world.

Sit in a circle. Ask members of the group to imagine that they come from another planet (this gives freer rein to the imagination). On that planet is something special that allows for healing, e.g.

  • Silver sand - when it runs through your fingers all the children sing
  • Trees with blue leaves that when looked at make people forget their differences.

Allow a few minutes thinking time for people to decide what healing property is on their planet. Then go round the circle, starting with the leader, and say 'I come from another planet, and on that planet there is...'

By the time everyone has spoken the group will have learned not only something about each other but also something of their vision of a healed world. Next invite each member of the group to consider what are the healing properties of our world.

Share this with the group.

This leads into a period of prayer for all the woundedness of the world, and perhaps especially of the inner city.