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Finding Space

seascapeFind SPACE alone outside.

Stand STILL and be SILENT...

BREATHE in the whole scene with eyes, ears, nose and feet.

Be aware of yourself in this scene.

FEEL your limbs, hands, fingers, and feet.

LISTEN to every sound near, mid-distance and far away, in earth and sky.

On your walk record the number of different sounds.

TOUCH as many things on your walk as you can. Use fingers and finger-tips.

FEEL the ground beneath your feet - is it easy walking or difficult?

FEEL the weight of objects. Feel the natural and the man-made.

COLLECT examples of different textures (bark, leaves, stone, wood, paper, metal, plastic, etc.).

TASTE and perhaps chew a blade of grass.

SMELL the countryside, water, earth, animals, food, sun on bricks, shrubs, flowers, cooking, traffic, tar, etc.).

Try and find something with a particular scent and bring it back with you.

LOOK with eyes and the inward eye, seeing with mind, hand and eye.

LOOK DOWN into the earth and the ditches; things near and far. Notice all the differing greens; be aware of all the colours.

LOOK UP at SHAPES against the sky: shadow patterns; shapes of trees, buildings, roof materials, chimneys, road shapes, gardens, people - order and chaos, beauty and ugliness, light and shade, contrasts.

TRY AND FIND A PICTURE from your walk to hold in your memory for recording by prose, poetry, story-telling, painting, drawing, making creating...

CONCENTRATE on some small object - trying to see it as if for the first time.