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Enacted Prayer

chocolate biscuitsUnbeknown to your group, you will have premeditatedly put them into two categories. This could be done quite simply by asking people to help themselves to a Bible when they come in, some of which have green markers, some of which have yellow markers. People should not be put into categories on any obvious external value such as age, sex, or race.

Now offer one category of people a really lavish chocolate biscuits or what you know to be popular in the group. Ask your chosen category of people to take one even if they don't want it. The second category will be offered a cream cracker or some other dry biscuit. Then put on a piece of music which symbolises wealth in contrast to poverty, exploitation or similar. Ask people to eat what they have been given, (or leave it on their plate if they don't want it) and to let their thoughts and prayers range freely. You might introduce the meditation with a few simple words such as: 'Seek God's Justice'.

Discussion - You might want to unpack people’s insights, gently.

People might have exhibited anger, resentment, why me, I can't eat this while others have to go without. I can't not eat, because it looks ungrateful, etc, etc.

Explain to people how they were categorised and share with them something of the pain different groups feel at being excluded in one way or another.

Invite the group to take this experience with them, and to look out for examples of painful categorisation in church, at home, at work, or in the community. When you meet next, invite the group to share any examples they have noticed, or experienced.