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Holy Island CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER is described in its relation to mediation under the HOME page and you can click on the index to read about it and then return to this page.

Contemplative prayer is not for everyone, and those for whom it is not helpful should not feel they are somehow second-class. In the same way those who genuinely do not find Bible meditation helpful should never feel that they 'ought' to be able to do it. Our enthusiasms all too often carry us away and lead to a lack of sensitivity to the fact that others may be coming from a different place. It is a question of temperament. To find the right way of prayer for us at any given time is far more important than trying to pursue a current fashion or conform to the group we happen to be in.

It follows that while most prayer groups (and individuals) will probably want to explore contemplative prayer from time to time a prayer group which is specifically contemplative will need to be selective in its membership.

Simple contemplative prayer is, however, ‘worth a try’ since it might be helpful to many more people than we sometimes think. If we are taking it really seriously we would be wise either to have a spiritual director we can talk to or belong to a contemplative prayer group where we can share with others. It is the type of prayer where it is possible to find yourself in quite deep water and may feel bewildered.

The IDEAS TO TRY in this section are more reflective in their approach leading to an exercise which takes the first steps in contemplative prayer. (‘Towards contemplative prayer’). If you are new at this type of prayer you may well be advised to try the others first.