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The site is part of the work of the ANNUNCIATION TRUST and was conceived in order to make the content of the Approaches in Prayer book, which is now out of print, accessible to a wider audience and to build a larger resource by encouraging contributions from site visitors.

The book Approaches in Prayer edited by Henry Morgan was the brain child of SPIDIR, an organisation based in South London, whose aim is to further the work of spiritual direction.

The book was a book of contributions of prayer exercises from many people.

No guidelines were laid down, save that the prayer exercise needed to be constructed to either fill the whole or a part of an hour's meeting; and that they needed to be ones that the contributors had themselves found helpful. An effort was made in drawing up the initial list of contributors to have a reasonable spread of people - men and women, ordained and lay, black and white, suburban and inner-city, all shades of traditions, etc.

We want to thank all those people who contributed to the Approaches in Prayer book and to Ray Wilkinson who constructed this site and gave us invaluable advice.

The pictures have been supplied by Roy Gregory and include pictures taken by his daughter Rachel and his son David.